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he multiple lockdowns and restrictions of movement have led us to consider our free time differently: with bars closed and cultural activities on hold, ‘escape to nature’ becomes almost the only leisure activity we could do. For a lot of us, this was a reconnection to the very simple things. Not only by admiring the beautiful flowering season or the colorful autumn palette but also in a wider way, like gardening or practicing outdoor activities. We discovered hidden touristic gems on our own neighborhood and realized that we don’t need to travel the world to see and experience interesting things. The reconnection with nature has made us more aware of environmental issues and climate change. The urgency of turning things around is more pressing than ever. 


In the same way, we rediscovered an appreciation for our homes. This became our sanctuary, a cherished place that we wanted to be as cozy as possible. Many of us have spent time and energy reorganizing the space, bought some piece of furniture or redecorated the walls. Bringing more plants in-house, either in the form of additional decoration or some homegrown herbs in the kitchen completed our cocoon. 

It’s inside this protective lair that we have spent our time, alone or with the family. 

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