What tech celebration means for your products 

June 2021 - The crisis led to tech-celebration, from remote healthcare and education to online conferencing and shopping. A huge step ahead in the digitization which was already on his way.

Digitization for work

In a certain way we are lucky with the technology we had available when the pandemic hit. Working from home was possible because of good internet connectivity, professional software ‘in the cloud’ or via secure VPN connections made it possible to access the enterprise systems, and powerful computers make video-conference convenient to keep in touch.
Now that people have tasted remote work, many of them want to keep the privilege to at least work some days from home… or from wherever in the world as long as there is a stable wireless connection… This changing mindset is already reflected in real-estate prices in vacation destinations like countryside or coastal regions.
The digital transformation is not only limited to the way we work but extends to the products. 3D printing not only makes faster prototyping possible, but it also enables new organic forms in for instance clothing, shoes or eyewear. Next to flexibility in form, we have flexibility in size to tailor to the exact measures of each individual.
When we want to guarantee our consumers the authenticity of our products, we can use IoT (Internet of Things) devices and blockchain to prove the provenance of the components or ingredients. 

Digitization for play

Technology made it also possible to experiment online gym classes. For many of us, it works perfectly and this new way of making sport might last. It saves us from having to go to the gym and thanks to the multiple sport apps we can share our performance with the community and keep track of our health data.
On the same principal, online shopping has booming and is also a time saver.
Now that we have tasted to the privilege and benefit of the online work and play activities, the time saved in transport can be invested in a new passion or for family and friends. 


Product expectations

All these evolutions create a techno-optimism which also reflects in the products and colours that the consumers want.
We are witnessing the collaboration between humans and technology to create a better world.
The fabrics are becoming more and more technical and those used in active wear will be seamless with different knitting or inserts adapted to the movement of the body.
The patterns will be inspired by natural forms, landscape and animal skins to give this protective feeling. They will also represent cell structures to evoke the technical trend.
Organic forms with metallic elements will be fluid. Textures will show transparency and different element can overlap in order to play with the light and offer a subliminal color palette. Here as well mother nature shows all its power.
Gaming and VR are source of inspiration to the infinity of possibilities where real and unreal are mixed, generating rich and complex composition. The desire for imagination and escapism is stronger than ever.
The boundaries between natural and artificial are blurred. Gradiant tech pastels to vibrant neons on product detail will take the lead. They represent positivity and well-being.
Luminous color like warm yellow, deep pink and true blue will transmit energy and hope that we all need.

More than ever it’s important to celebrate the authentic in the product offer AND to lift it with unexpected contrasts and staple pieces. A subtle balance that shows safety and natural atmosphere with the envy to scream our desire for joy and hope. This duality has been explained in the ‘Appreciation in a changing environment part 1 and part 2’, where we have been through different drivers induced by the pandemic and their impact on future consumer’s behaviors.
A well-balanced product offer must show these two movements to be relevant. 

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